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Babies And Dogs: Introducing Your Pet To Your New Baby

As an expecting parent, preparing for a new baby can be an exciting time. You buy your diapers, install your car seat, and even pick up a few cherished children’s books to read to your child. But in all the excitement, many expectant parents forget one important step when it comes to babies and dogs. It’s important to make appropriate preparations before introducing your pet to your new baby! Here at Fisher Glen Animal Hospital, we have compiled a few tips to help everything go smoothly when you first introduce your new baby to your dog or cat.

Begin Preparing Early

You should start preparing your pet for a new baby well before the baby arrives. Pets, especially dogs, need time to adjust to a new family member. A curious and affectionate pet can unintentionally harm a baby. As a result of this natural curiosity, a child may be accidentally scratched or even dropped when a friendly dog jumps up on you to investigate. Keep your pet’s nails well trimmed and correct any behaviour problems now – before the baby comes home.

Preparing your pet

Here are a couple steps you can follow to prepare your dog for meeting your new baby.

To begin, bring home a wet diaper or blanket the baby has been in for your pet to sniff. Reward your pet with words and caresses so it forms a positive association with the baby even before they are introduced. Play a tape of a baby crying at high volume and praise your pet while listening to it. By the time you introduce dog and baby, your pet will be more likely to adhere to basic training despite their curiosity.

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