close up of orange tabby cat's face

Is It Time For A Cat Checkup?

Unfortunately our feline friends sometimes get a bum deal when it comes to veterinary care. Many owners find it stressful to wrassle them into the carrier with gardening gloves on, listen to them howl the entire care ride, and then try to cause bodily harm to their doctor (well, not all of them!). And besides, they seem so healthy. . . So how do you know if it’s time for a cat checkup?

Bring Us Your Cats!

Well let’s clear up some misconceptions. First of all, cats need and deserve medical care just as much as dogs do. Furthermore, cats are very, very good at hiding illness from others. Consequently, many pet owners fail to notice symptoms of illness until problems become very advanced. The importance of getting a cat checkup and/or an annual wellness screening truly can not be overstated.

Even if they do not leave the house they should be vaccinated. Cats can contract/develop numerous parasitic and other illnesses even in the relative safety of your home. For example, many cats wander around for years with painful lesions on their teeth, and many cats nowadays are obese, leading to type II diabetes.

We know that you love your cats. You want to keep them purring and chasing mice and sitting on your laptop while you’re trying to work for many years to come. Show them that you love them by providing them with health care that will allow them to be happy and healthy for a long full life. We can even give you some tips to make the trip less stressful too!

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